So Much More Than A Scale And Polish

What is Airflow Polishing?

Airflow is a powerful dental hygiene treatment that dramatically cleans and polishes your teeth using a combination of jet water, air, and sodium bicarbonate.

How does Airflow polishing work?

Airflow’s nozzle with shoot out a high pressured and concentrated blast of water, air, and bicarbonate (usually a lemon flavour) at the surfaces of your teeth. Airflow is very effective at cleaning teeth and will also clean the hard to reach places (nooks and cranny’s), leaving you feeling very fresh.

The combination of the air, water, and bicarbonate has been proven to be effective at tackling tough stains and plaque, and you will be able to leave with much cleaner teeth than a normal hygiene visit.

What are the benefits of AirFlow ?

Airflow has plenty of benefits in comparison to a normal scale and polish.

First and foremost, it is much more effective at cleaning.

The jet is not only capable of polishing the surfaces of your teeth and removing plaque build-up, it can also reach up to 5mm into periodontal pockets for more efficient cleaning.

Using Airflow is also much quicker than regular methods of stain and plaque removal.

Airflow can actually help reduce the sensitivity of your teeth.

This is due to the bicarbonate in the jet, which can fill any exposed dentine tubules and help re-mineralize teeth.

AirFlow Dental Stain Removal

Love that clean teeth feeling?

Airflow Polishing is a hygiene treatment that effectively removes stains on the front and back of teeth.

AirFlow Dental Stain Removal works by using a fine jet of compressed air, water and fine powder particles to remove staining caused by coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco and some mouthwashes.

The Airflow tooth polishing is an innovative method of dental cleaning that tackles the heavy staining caused by our daily food and drink. The Airflow tooth polishing leaves the mouth feeling cleaner and fresher than ever before. Airflow tooth polishing will remove simple tooth staining caused by red wine, tea, coffee and smoking. Airflow also removes dental plaque thereby avoiding the growth of biofilm which is a breeding ground for bacteria that can be resistant to drug therapy and the body’s immune system.

The powerful jet is an upgrade (£20) from the classic scale and polish session since it combines the power of a thorough clean with a cosmetic feel! The Airflow is more successfully able to blast those persistent stains allowing the natural, whiter and brighter enamel to resurface, producing the dental refresh you are looking for!

The Airflow system has been carefully designed and developed to be an effective, but safe hygiene treatment:

AirFlow Dental Stain Removal and Orthodontics

For example, Airflow efficiently removes plaque around orthodontic brackets and bands.

For example, the normal uses of orthodontic brackets and bands leads to niches of plaque and stains which need to be removed.

As a result, poor cleaning leads to a higher risk of caries following treatment with fixed orthodontics.

AirFlow polishing is the most effective method to clean around fixed bands and brackets

AirFlow will remove plaque and stains from bonded and bracketed teeth.

The process is safe and does not damage the appliance or teeth in any way.

And AirFlow Is Painless Too!!!

Although this is not a tooth whitening therapy the airflow treatment will significantly improve tooth brightness. Airflow also gives you a noticeably sparkling, fresh, healthy mouth, instantly.

Similarly, the Airflow works through the combined power of air, sodium bicarbonate and a jet of water.

To get the best results prior scaling may be required.

Airflow produces great results without any risk of damaging your teeth. With Airflow one treatment can remove all the plaque and discolouration caused by dietary habits.

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