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A comprehensive look at your mouth will be undertaken including a screening for oral cancer and an examination of your gums for signs of disease. This thorough periodontal (gum) assessment will include a measurement of any gum recession, bleeding, gum pocketing and tooth mobility, thus assessing the severity of any disease. We will also measure how much plaque and tartar you have on your teeth and under the gums.

Plaque and tartar deposits will be carefully removed, as well as stains. Scaling is a procedure that meticulously removes contamination, toxins, micro-organisms, plaque, tartar and calculus that has permeated around and below the gum-line in order to obtain a healthy response. This can be undertaken at your request using our ‘Piezo’ scaler and/or hand instruments. Then we will polish all your teeth leaving them silky smooth and clean.

We will discuss your gum condition and advise you on the best course of treatment needed, educate you on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums and advise when you should return for a maintenance visit in order to maintain optimal oral health.

Of course if any other dental treatment is required, we will refer you to your dentist or specialist.

Although visiting the Dental Hygienist on a regular basis is very beneficial for your oral health we still advise patients to see a dentist for a full dental examination regularly.

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